Sweet & Simple

P1150132 P1150130

I really like the color of this dress, and when I got it, I knew I couldn’t wait for summer to wear it, even though it is a very summery dress. So I decided to try to style it for a chilly early Spring day, and I think the result is quite nice, very simple but sweet & stylish. I know it’s a bit wrinkled, but, well, I don’t believe in ironing! (Meaning I am lazy and also don’t own an iron.)

This is the last of the posts I’m putting together in advance on Thursday night, and I just realized how much I’ve lived in these shoes & black tights over the last week! The shoes are so comfy, though. Why mess with something that works!

I’m still travelling, but I’ll be back on Sunday evening, hopefully with a post for you to update you on how my trip went & some photos. I hope you’re all having a lovely week! Happy Easter, too, to those who celebrate it.

Outfit details:

Blue summer dress: ASOS Curve
Black cropped jacket: Torrid (USA)
Black hoop earrings: Forever 21 (USA)
Black tights: Kmart (USA)
Booties: (USA)


14 thoughts on “Sweet & Simple

  1. I’m just fighting the winter with my wardrobe now, wearing definate spring clothing, just making sure to wear a scarf outside! Love the turquoise dress 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s snowing here, crazy weather. At Christmas it was about 15 degrees celsius, and now the forecast for easter is -3…something wrong with this picture! I’m fighting it with my clothing choices, too 🙂

  2. The dress is a beautiful color and it looks great on you. No worries i think everyone hates ironing! hehe I look forward to seeing how your trip went. Have a great rest of your trip! 🙂

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