Berlin, London, and New York (Very picture-heavy post!)

I absolutely love the energy of big cities. These three are some of my favorite places I’ve been, and I got to revisit them all in these last few weeks (as well as a couple of smaller places, seeing friends). Here are a few of my photos of highlights from the trip, if you’re interested:

Berlin’s East Side Gallery:

This is a place where artists from all over the world painted murals over sections of the wall.

In the S-Bahn station on the way there:


The beginning of the gallery:


A couple of the murals:

P1150986 P1150991


London’s Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner:

This corner of Hyde Park has been a place where people can come and speak their minds on any topic since the 19th century. Here are some portraits of speakers and spectators:

P1160001 P1160132 P1160093 P1160121 P1160028 P1160115 P1160076 P1160062 P1160043 P1160026


And a couple other shots of London:

P1160134 P1160141


New York City:

Back in America! I didn’t take many photos here, but there are a couple worth sharing:

P1160166 P1160174 P1160164




I hope you’ve enjoyed my photo recap! More outfits & the like coming soon 🙂


Riga & Vilnius

I got back from my trip to Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania on Saturday afternoon, exhausted, and then today I went to an Easter bonfire with a friend (a German tradition), and now I’m finally getting around to writing a bit about my trip. Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! This is going to be a long post, with a lot of pictures, so bear with me.

First stop was three days in Vilnius. I was travelling with an American friend from school, and we met up with a Lithuanian friend of a friend for an afternoon. It was nice to see everything from a local perspective and hear his take on Lithuanian history & culture! The hostel we stayed at was rather empty, though, so we didn’t meet many other people of note there.


These three statues were on the roof of a theater in Vilnius’s Old Town.


We also saw a lot of really pretty churches in both cities. I don’t have too many good photos, as the prettiest ones didn’t allow pictures inside, but trust me, they’re gorgeous. And I think all of the Orthodox churches were especially interesting; I’d never been inside one before, but they’re very elaborate. One church, however, had the bodies of 3 martyrs displayed in a glass case. They were covered, but they all had clean white socks sticking out the end. Kind of creeped me out a bit to think about how it’s someone’s job to change the socks on skeletons.

We were in Vilnius for Palm Sunday, too, and heard some nice church music and saw the market stalls set up in the streets.


Vendors sell sweets, flower arrangements for the holiday, and other crafts.

P1150211 P1150227


I bought some earrings at one of the markets that I’m sure you’ll see in an outfit post soon! That was it for souvenirs, though, I didn’t have any more room in my luggage. Which you’ll understand, if you’ve ever flown Ryanair!


As you can see from the ice floating in the river, it was still quite cold in Vilnius! Not as bad as in Riga, though, where people were ice fishing outside our window. I don’t have any good photos of that, but I have a few to demonstrate how cold it was in Vilnius…


Even the dogs were bundled up against the cold!


And so were the trees!


In an effort to try to pretend we were really on Spring break and not freezing to death, we ate frozen yogurt. While the rest of our classmates were on beaches in Portugal and Morocco, we were in Lithuania, drawing out our time in the frozen yogurt place as long as possible so as not to have to go back out onto the street.


One district in Vilnius has declared itself an independent republic. It’s known as being a more alternative, artsy part of town, and it’s quite nice. This is the sign when you cross the bridge to enter the district.

P1150476 P1150452 P1150626 P1150503

This tradition is far from unique to these cities, but I saw some cool bridges covered with “love padlocks” in both Riga and Vilnius.

I preferred Vilnius to Riga, but they were both really nice. We took a bus from Vilnius, and then spent four full days in Riga. The hostel there was much more lively, and I enjoyed drinking in the bar in the evenings and meeting other interesting travelers. The highlight was drinking beer with a Canadian as we bonded over our love of poutine, and then making our own poutine in the hostel kitchen!


One day in Riga, we took the elevator up to the top floor of a really tall hotel, and the views were great. There was a bar you could pay to go into on the second to top floor, but we saw views just as nice for free, and then went back to our favorite (and very cheap) dumpling restaurant in the old town!


Riga’s central market is huge, taking up several old Soviet airplane hangars, and has everything from fish and produce to old Soviet and Nazi war medals. Most of the vendors don’t really like it if you take pictures, though. Hence most of mine being from the same friendly fish stall.

P1150525 P1150526 P1150527

It was a fantastic trip, and I’d really like to go back to the Baltic states, perhaps including Estonia in my next trip as well. Very affordable, too! There are cheap Ryanair flights to all the cities, cheap hostels, and when you’re there, food is cheap as well, both groceries and going out to eat–I had a sit-down meal including a glass of wine in Vilnius for under 6 USD. Riga was a bit pricier, but still quite cheap.

I really love being on the road, meeting new people and seeing new sights every day. Honestly, I’d love to travel for a more extended period of time at some point, but for now I’ll have to content myself with these short trips.

Back In Action!

I’ve been sidelined with the flu for the last couple of weeks, and haven’t really been dressing up much…or getting dressed at all, some days. So that’s the reason for two weeks of silence, and completely failing at participating in fatshion february, but now I’m back!


Sorry for the slightly grainy/out of focus photo; natural light is not really cooperating with me today, as it’s dreary and overcast and dark outside.

My semester at school has just gotten going (we have a weird schedule and don’t start until the first week of February), and it’s going to be a busy one. Crazy busy really. But I might be going to Riga, Latvia for spring break next month, so that’s pretty exciting! That’ll be two new-to-me countries visited in just the first three months of 2013 (the first being Iceland), so I’d say I’m off to a pretty good start in that regard. I’m also hoping that as the weather improves this spring, I’ll be up for some more local traveling, exploring Northern Germany and spending time in Hamburg, Hannover, Bremerhaven, and the other nearby cities that I’m able to travel to for free with my student pass.

Outfit details:

Light brown cardigan: Mossimo via Target (USA)
Brown flower stud earrings: Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Pink peplum top: ASOS Curve
Coated skinnies: H&M (Germany)
Taupe lace up booties: Kmart (USA)

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming: Life Update

So, just a month after starting this blog, I kind of abandoned it for a few weeks. Oops! I hope you guys are still reading, and I’ll be back with some outfit posts soon!

I am finally back at school, about to start a crazy spring semester. I’ve been travelling around for the last few weeks: first visiting a friend in Canada, then a short stopover in Iceland, then visiting friends in Cambridge & Chatham in the UK, and now I’m back to the daily grind.

A friend’s housemate in one of my visits commented that he was jealous of me because I get to travel. I’ll admit, I’m lucky, but it’s also not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new experiences and the travel, but when that’s just a part of your lifestyle, as it is mine right now as I pursue an education half a world away from the place I grew up, it’s sad sometimes, because you’re always leaving behind places and people you love dearly. I’m always saying goodbye, always missing someone. It’s not all an adventure.

Anyway, I didn’t take any outfit photos while travelling (and didn’t really wear too many spectacular outfits, either; living out of a suitcase does not particularly suit me), but to make this post more interesting, I’ll share a few photos from Reykjavik. Enjoy!

P1140485 P1140530 P1140571 P1140606 P1140623 P1140641 P1140642

See you soon with some outfit photos!