Fabulously Fat Fridays: Why Posting Pictures Of Myself In Pretty Clothes On The Internet Is Radical

Here’s what I imagine some people might think about my blog: Fat acceptance! Awesome! But….all you’re doing is posting pictures of yourself in pretty clothes on the internet. How is that radical? It’s so shallow. How can fashion possibly be important when it comes to fighting for civil rights for fat people?

Fatshion is a form of activism. It’s not the most radical thing ever, but a fat person proudly posting fashionable pictures of themselves on the internet is definitely radical! It’s a totally valid part of the FA movement. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll give you a few of my reasons.

  • Fat people are not supposed to look nice. Fat is supposed to be a synonym for lazy slob. By showing our stylish selves on the internet, we are busting up stereotypes all over the place. I have several readers who run straight-sized fashion blogs, who aren’t into FA or anything, and I hope that I’m showing them a different perspective from the one they see in fashion magazines! We’re showing that fat people are normal and happy and sometimes, we’re into fashion. We’re not waiting to buy that perfect dress when we lose 10 pounds (or 100 pounds); we are rocking the hell out of it right now!
  • Fat people are supposed to be ashamed and invisible. We don’t see images of happily displayed fat bodies in the mainstream media. We don’t have much positive representation on television, in movies, on magazine pages. We have to literally retrain our brains to see fat as fabulous. We have to seek out our own positive representation. We have to create our own positive representation. Fatshion bloggers are doing just that! I know reading other fatshion blogs & then creating my own has helped me a lot in my own personal body acceptance journey, and I’m sure that’s true for others, too.
  • Fat people like fashion, too! We are building a community here of fat babes who are into fashion, and it’s awesome. We are basically sharing an interest that has a mainstream community that excludes us, so we’re creating our own community. We’re supporting each other, we’re giving each other style inspiration and shopping tips, and when the rest of the world sucks, we know there are other fabulous fashionable fatties out there. It’s not just about breaking stereotypes or hoping we can change someone’s outlook for the better; it’s about the positive impact within this community. I know every day I have a positive interaction with another awesome fat chick on the internet, that’s a happy day! Also, fashion is harder for fat people just because of a lack of resources; this internet community helps us to share the resources we find with other awesome fatties.

We can’t stop at fashion, though. This is valid and it’s important, but we have to keep the politics of it in mind, too. I know that some fat fashion bloggers wish they could just be seen as fashion bloggers who happen to be fat. Sure, in an ideal world, it wouldn’t matter. Fashion would be fashion, regardless of size. But we don’t live in that world. That much is clear when you look at the extremely limited fashionable clothing out there for fat people. Even if you don’t want it to be, what you are doing as a fat person putting these pictures out there for the world to see is political. Making the world face your existence as a fat person instead of hiding away in your lazy, unfashionable corner of the world is important, and it’s radical, even if it shouldn’t be.

A lot of this really applies to other non-normative bodies as well. If you’re thin, white, able-bodied, cisgendered, and traditionally beautiful, fashion is not really political. I mean, it’s still fun, it’s still creative, it’s still awesome. But you’re free to pursue style without the same kind of judgements. You have positive representation of stylish people who look like you available all over the place. For the rest of us? Not so much. Our fashion makes a statement because we aren’t supposed to be willing and able to look fabulous and express ourselves this way. We’re suppose to be doing whatever we can to make ourselves less noticeable. In a lot of people’s eyes, there’s no way we’ll ever be “normal,” so the best we can do is cry about it and try to be invisible.

Well, screw that, I say. Make yourself noticeable. Create positive representation. Fuck societal ideals of beauty. Just being fabulously fat in a public way is inherently radical. Embrace it!


Introducing Marvelous Mondays! (This week’s theme: Pleats!)

Welcome to Marvelous Mondays, a new weekly blog challenge between myself and Sian at Sort Life Out, Buy Milk. Make sure to go check out her outfit today, too! We’ll both be creating marvelous outfits based around a certain item or theme every Monday.
Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!
This week’s theme: Pleats!
My outfit today is in keeping with my recent pastel theme, as I clearly wish it was already spring. Sorry for the weird colors in the photo; unfortunately it’s really cloudy and dark here today, so the light was not cooperating. And in my attempts to brighten up the picture, I somehow now look like someone’s home snapshots from the 1960s. I’m just going to call it a “vintage aesthetic” and go with it!
Here are some close-ups of my earring and shoes:
Outfit details:
Pink lace/pleated dress: Next (UK)
Mint green leggings: Next (UK)
Glass earrings: From a street fair (USA)
Brown flower cut out shoes: Forever 21 (UK)
If you have a fat fashion blog and want your Mondays to be marvelous, too, feel free to get in touch with us via emailabout the possibility of joining our weekly blog challenge!
Jocelyn: fatfashionablefeminist@gmail.com
Sian: sian_morgan@live.co.uk

Happy 2013!

2013 is here at last! January means I can start re-reading the Animorphs series again (childhood favorites never get old!), but on a bigger scale, the new year means a lot of things….two of the big ones, of course, are reflections and resolutions. I’m not going to do anything quite so structured, but I would like to post a few thoughts on what I did in 2012 and what I hope to accomplish in 2013.

This is going to be text-heavy and not illustrated, so if you’re just here for the pretty pictures, come back in a day or two!


This year, I made the huge change of going back to school. I’m glad I did it, but even more, I can’t wait to finally be done with it! I’m hoping to be able to graduate in December 2013. It’s definitely going to be a challenge to get all that done with, but I think it’s possible! Wish me luck, I’ll need it.


In 2012, I wanted to read at least 50 non-fiction books. The final total was more like 14, but I did do a lot of non-fiction reading related to my classes; just not whole books straight through that I can add to that list. I ended up reading a total of 189 books, including lots of young adult fiction even though I’m kind of aging out if it, dystopian books (lots of those are YA, too), and re-reading a lot of old favorites, too. My favorite new to me books of 2012 were “Mexican Enough” by Stephanie Elizondo Griest, “The Geography Of Bliss” by Eric Weiner, “Shut Up, I’m Talking (And Other Diplomacy Lessons Learned In The Israeli Government)” by Gregory Levey, and “Every Day” by David Levithan. Which really means I should read more non-fiction, I guess, because 3 of my 4 favorites are non-fiction! But they’re kind of slow going, and I really enjoy the experience of reading the easy, fun books that pass the time quickly; it’s just that, a year later, most of those don’t really stand out much. In 2013, I will keep track of the books I read again (I’m at 1 already!), but I won’t really make any specific goals. If you care what I’m reading, I keep a list here.


For the first half of 2012, I worked at the same job I did for the second half of 2010 and all of 2011. That means I traveled through a lot of US states for work. Then, I went back to school in Germany, where I did a little bit of exploring around the region (Hamburg, Norddeich, and the Harz mountains geology excursion were the highlights). Additionally, I took 3 major trips this year: A weeklong Caribbean cruise with my family in June, a cross-country train trip with a friend in July, and a weeklong trip to visit friends in England during my reading days in October. I spent time in 7 different countries/territories (USA, Germany, Bahamas, St Thomas, St Martin, St Maarten, England), and countless US states (20 or so, I think). In 2013, I already have some travelling planned. Before I go back to Germany at the end of the month, I’ll pass through Canada, Iceland, and England (and I’ll probably go to England at least once more during the year). There’s a potential trip to Belgium in February, though I’m not sure it’ll happen. I plan to apply for a summer job that would let me explore some different parts of Germany. I’m also going to spend a few days in Barcelona in the fall with my grandparents, as they are going to Barcelona to leave on a long cruise, all the way across the ocean to Rio de Janeiro, and it’s a lot easier for me to visit them there than come all the way back home! I also hope to take advantage of my location in Germany a lot more, particularly as it warms up this spring, with some day trips to nearby cities as well as just getting to know Bremen a bit better.


I started a new blog less than a month ago, so there’s not much to reflect on for 2012, but I definitely hope to continue with it in 2013! I also hope to have time to write more about the political side of things, instead of only posting outfits. And maybe make some new blogging friends, too 🙂

Personal goals:

For things that don’t really fit into any category, I want to try to get back into photography a little, to figure out at least the general direction I want my life to go in when I finish school, to make new friends & strengthen the friendships I’ve already made at school, and to keep in touch with the people that are important to me even though they are scattered around the world.

Happy New Year, everyone! 

Ways To Wear Challenge: Fabulously Festive!


Detail shots:

P1140354 P1140358

This is my submission for the “Ways To Wear” blogger challenge! (Click here to see what it’s about.) The theme is “fabulously festive.” Sorry the photo’s not the best, I had to lighten it up to show the detail of the dress and so it’s kind of grainy. I chose to wear a shimmery party dress with gorgeous drape details, and I paired it with some burgundy wedge booties and green dangly earrings for a subtle pop of the colors of the season. Perfect for going out with friends to celebrate the holidays!

Outfit details:

Green stone and wire earrings: Bought at a local festival
Shimmery black dress: Forever 21+ via Fatshionxchange
Black stretch belt: Came with the dress!
Black tights: C&A
Burgundy wedges: Target

Liebster Award For New Bloggers

A lovely & stylish fellow newbie blogger (we actually started our blogs the same day, 2 weeks ago today!), Julie at At Least I Look Cute has nominated me for the Liebster Award for new bloggers! This award is for new blogs with under 200 followers to promote their new blogs. Once nominated, bloggers answer 11 questions posed by the one who nominated them, and then nominate 11 of their own favorite new blogs. Sounds fun, right?

So, here’s a chance for you all to get to know me better! Here are the 11 questions and my answers:

1. What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

To eschew all fashion advice that you don’t personally like. Or, to put it simply: f*ck flattering! No horizontal stripes, nothing that shows your stomach, wear dark colors….the traditional fashion advice for fat women is basically to try to fool people into thinking we’re not fat, which is ridiculously stupid. So, wear what you like, no matter if it follow the “rules” or not!

2. What was your biggest fashion fail?

Welllll once in high school the crotch of my jeans split wide open while I was in school. That was embarrassing. Damn chub rub!

3. Why did you want to start a blog?

I already posted outfits on the fatshionista community, and on my tumblr sometimes, and I thought making a blog expressly devoted to my own original content, rather than it getting lost in the midst of reblogs about everything under the sun, sounded like fun.

4. What’s your dream job?

Ha! This question! Well, right now I’m studying politics and history….and I have no idea what I want to do. None whatsoever. Slightly snarky answer: my dream job is winning the lottery, so I can do all the other things I love and not worry about money 🙂 Real answer: I guess I need to figure that out!

5. Where do you get style inspiration?

From all kinds of amazing bloggers! You can see some of the list in my sidebar, and there are a lot of great plus size fashion bloggers on Tumblr, too. Not that I’m only inspired by fat bloggers, but, well, I’m more likely to be able to reproduce a look on a fellow fattie than one I see on a thin person. Plus, we see enough images of thin bodies, I like to train my brain to recognize positive images of fat people!

6. What’s your favorite magazine and why?

I don’t really read a lot of fashion magazines; see the above-mentioned bit about the glut of thin bodies in the media. And I haven’t really come across any great plus size publication yet. I do read newsy magazines sometimes, though, like the Atlantic, the Wilson Quarterly, and so on.

7. What motivates you to keep up with your blog?

I have a lot of fun taking my outfit pictures and sharing my style, as well as sharing some of my opinions. This blog hasn’t gotten too political yet, but it’s only been two weeks! Remember the third “f”; you’ll certainly be hearing more about it from me at some point when I have more time to write.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have absolutely no idea. I couldn’t tell you what continent I’ll be on, much less exactly what I’ll be doing with my life!

9. Where are your favorite places to shop?

Everywhere that carries my size! Which is sadly few. But my main go-to places are ASOS Curve, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21+, and Target. I think those 4 make up well over half my wardrobe, actually! As well as secondhand shops, eBay, and the like, of course. I’m a poor student!

10. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Mumford & Sons last year, I’d have to say. But really, I’m not much of a concert-goer.

11. What are you passionate about?

Lots of things! Fashion, I guess. My political beliefs, based in feminism and of course fat acceptance. Traveling. Delicious food. Spending time with the people I love. Photography maybe, although in that arena, I’m less motivated these days.

Thanks again to Julie from At Least I Look Cute for nominating me!

Now, on to my picks. It was quite a challenge for me to find 11 new blogs; in the end, I only had time to find five–oops! If you know of any others I should check out, let me know 🙂 Instead of the vague definition of “new,” I went with the “less than 200 followers” rule, so some of these aren’t really brand new, they’re a few months old, but they do have less than 200 Google followers (and funnily enough, all of these blogs are on blogspot so you can see the follower count).

Gladrags & Handbags
Secondhand Rose
A Dress Is For Life
Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat?
Fat Fit Fine
Izzy Gets Bizzy

Should any of you lovely ladies like to answer some questions & post this on your own blog, here they are:

1. How did you first get interested in blogging?
2. Is your fat fashion blogging political, or do you just like to post fashion and happen to be plus-size?
3. Where do you get your style inspiration?
4. Is there any store/brand that you really wish would expand their size range?
5. What trends do you like for the current season?
6. Do you follow fashion “rules”?
7. If you weren’t a fatshion blogger, what kind of blog might you have?
8. If you could blog as your full-time job, would you?
9. What’s your “dream job”?
10. Do you have anything in your closet that’s so awesome, you bought more than one of it?
11. How would you describe your style in 5 words or less?

Thanks for reading, everyone!