Berlin, London, and New York (Very picture-heavy post!)

I absolutely love the energy of big cities. These three are some of my favorite places I’ve been, and I got to revisit them all in these last few weeks (as well as a couple of smaller places, seeing friends). Here are a few of my photos of highlights from the trip, if you’re interested:

Berlin’s East Side Gallery:

This is a place where artists from all over the world painted murals over sections of the wall.

In the S-Bahn station on the way there:


The beginning of the gallery:


A couple of the murals:

P1150986 P1150991


London’s Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner:

This corner of Hyde Park has been a place where people can come and speak their minds on any topic since the 19th century. Here are some portraits of speakers and spectators:

P1160001 P1160132 P1160093 P1160121 P1160028 P1160115 P1160076 P1160062 P1160043 P1160026


And a couple other shots of London:

P1160134 P1160141


New York City:

Back in America! I didn’t take many photos here, but there are a couple worth sharing:

P1160166 P1160174 P1160164




I hope you’ve enjoyed my photo recap! More outfits & the like coming soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “Berlin, London, and New York (Very picture-heavy post!)

  1. Your sunlight photos are gorgeous.
    I like the idea of a park having a speakers’ corner like that. I’d give lectures about sharks and starfish, and probably sea urchins just because they’re so cool.

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