As a poor student, I can’t buy new clothes all the time. My wardrobe is limited, but that’s no reason not to show you some new outfits! The shoes are the only thing that’s new here (and they’re not really new, it just hasn’t been possible to wear them since I started this blog in December), but I think it’s a cute outfit all the same.

P1150849 P1150842 P1150867 P1150839 P1150836 P1150865


There’s not much to say about it; my usual color palette, my favorite skirt. What do you guys think of fashion bloggers remixing the same pieces? I see so many who have something new every time, but I think this is more realistic for most of us.

Outfit details:

Dusty rose top: I Pearl flower earrings: Dorothy Perkins
Lilac skinny belt: ASOS Curve
Black skater skirt: ASOS Curve
Pearl “bracelet”: Actually a necklace from Forever 21
Black tights: Kmart
Lavender ballet flats: Old Navy


14 thoughts on “Remixed!

  1. I’m always floored when I scroll through pages and pages of someone’s blog and every single. outfit is new. Who owns that much clothing? Who can afford to buy that much clothing? As a fellow student who’s strapped for cash I am all for the “remixes”.

  2. I love the flats, but purple is my favorite color so how could I not! You look really cute though, reminds me of ballerina-ish for some reason. Most of the stuff I post isn’t new either. I always wonder what in the hell some people do for a living when they post about a new outfit they bought just about everyday.

  3. Those shoes are so lovely, gorgeous colour. Great outfit. πŸ™‚

    I like bloggers who remix because not everyone (me included) has an unlimited supply of new clothes. Plus it makes me be a little more experimental with my remixing because you see the same staple clothes you might have styled in a different way.

  4. I shop waaayyyy too much, but I’m definitely not rich, so my clothes get worn. Re-mixing clothing definitely shows creativity, and if done well isn’t noticed as you really are wearing a “new” outfit everyday!

    P.S. Ebay is also great for selling stuff when you get tired of it, allowing you to change up your wardrobe more often. Also great for finding fashionable bargains!


    • I usually try to clear out my wardrobe when I go back to the states, because there are more options (consignment stores and the like) and also online sales tend to be better as there are simply more people buying compared to Germany! Plus better shopping. So I take a suitcase full of clothes to sell, and use the money to shop while I’m there πŸ™‚

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