Two Favorite Trends In One Outfit

P1150702 P1150703

You may have noticed that I love all things peplum, and I’m a big fan of the studded items popping up all over the place, too. When I saw this top from Simply Be (still available here) that combines two of my favorite trends, of course I had to have it! It’s also a high-low hem, so it’s actually three current trends in one. Unfortunately, it runs a bit large (definitely size down if you order one!), and in my usual size, the peplum doesn’t flare out as much as I’d like. However, I fixed that nicely with a belt I think! I actually wanted to use my silver skinny belt but couldn’t find it; I think the black belt with a silver buckle works nicely, though.

I paired the top with these skinny jeans that actually have a subtle leopard print on them; you can’t see it so well in the photo, but if you look at my thighs I think you can see it a bit. I quite like them for adding a bit of interest without being too in-your-face.

And of course, my favorite shoes are making yet another appearance! Don’t worry, I have more shoes…but not many more, actually. You’ll see a little more variety when it’s warm enough for ballet flats, though!

Outfit details:

Embellished peplum top: Simply Be
Black skinny belt: Forever 21+
Leopard skinny jeans: Forever 21+
Shoes: Kmart


11 thoughts on “Two Favorite Trends In One Outfit

  1. That top is perfect, I’ve yet to get a peplum top, but that one is going to the top of my list. The studded shoulders are so lovely, You look fab. šŸ™‚

    Love the jeans too, how are the fit on forever21 jeans by the way? I’ve never bought any from their, but found their tops to really range is size.

    • Thanks! I really like Forever 21 jeans, the sizing is much more consistent than with the tops. And they are decent quality for the price, too, my oldest pair (which was coincidentally my favorite pair of jeans ever, and I probably wore them at least 3x a week for over a year, not sure exactly how long) just gave out on me (the dreaded chub rub!) and the others are all fine. I wear a US18 in their jeans and jeggings, always buying online, and I’ve never had anything not fit (soooo not the case with their tops and dresses), although some pairs are slightly looser or tighter than others–but none so much so that I didn’t want to wear them. Based on the fact that we have the same skater skirt in these sizes, I’d say you should definitely try their US20. It’s worth a shot, they have all kinds of cool colors and patterns at quite reasonable prices!

      • Hmmm, thanks for the info. Yeah, I’ve sent quite a few tops back because of bizarre sizing issues, so I was worried jeans would be the same. I do like that they have quite a big range of colours, patterns in jeans and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Think I’ll be giving them a try next time I shop at Forever21. Thanks. šŸ™‚

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