Cross My Heart

P1150718 P1150722 P1150725 P1150726

Why yes, that third pose up there is the most awkward pose ever….I’m just trying to spice things up a bit! Anyway, I really like this cross print t-shirt and pretty new cameo bracelet. This outfit isn’t anything too crazy or out of the ordinary for me at all, but I like it all the same!

Outfit details:

Cross print t-shirt: New Look Inspire (UK)
Black skater skirt: ASOS Curve
Brown belt: ASOS Curve
Pink cameo bracelet: ASOS
Black tights: Kmart (USA)
Shoes: Kmart (USA)


11 thoughts on “Cross My Heart

  1. Love that top so much. Also, I think you look cute in the third picture! I am still really awkward in front of the camera and my mum often takes my photos, so often the result is 99.9% horrible pictures.

    I love the fact that the bracelet you’re wearing is rose gold, its such a lovely tone of metal.

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