Retro Chic

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I seriously love everything about this outfit, you guys. The shirt is ridiculously awesome. Pearl buttons, crazy chain/seashell print, what could be better?? And of course, the ASOS skater skirt is my new favorite wardrobe stable.

Outfit details:

Blouse: Thrifted/eBay (France)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (USA)
Skater skirt & belt: ASOS Curve
Black tights: Kmart (USA)
Booties: Kmart (USA)


10 thoughts on “Retro Chic

    • It’s actually not really my thrifting find, but an eBay seller’s; but still, finding gems without a brand or item in mind on eBay is practically like virtual thrifting! I’ve found some cool stuff, that way, especially as actual thrift stores aren’t really a thing in my area. (Or maybe in Germany as a whole? I’ve no idea.)

      eBay tip: search the “women’s clothing” section for your clothing size (just the number, “22” or whatever, I usually do separate searches for 3 different sizes), and sort by “price + shipping: lowest first.” You can click on different categories (ie shirts, sweaters, etc.) and find some interesting stuff that way that you never would have otherwise!

  1. Love that shirt! Usually I find vintage shirts a bit meh and samey, but I really like the details of the shells and sea theme in this one. Very cool.

    And that skirt is fab on you, its such a great staple piece as you say. πŸ™‚

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