Marvelous Monday: Inspired By A Fictional Character

It’s Marvelous Monday, everybody! This is a weekly blog challenge between myself and four other fabulous fatshion bloggers. Make sure to go check out their outfits today, too! Links are at the bottom of the post.

Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!

This week’s theme: Outfits inspired by a fictional character

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This week’s theme is definitely the most abstract one we’ve done so far. It’s not meant to necessarily be a full-on costume, but we decided to take some fashion inspiration from our favorite fictional characters this week, and I chose my ’90s style icon, Claudia Kishi from the Babysitter’s Club series!

Obviously going full-on Claudia would have been a little too crazy for my day to day life, so I decided to just take a few elements of her style. Taking fashion risks, for one, and high-waisted shorts over tights is a totally new look for me. Also, big chunky plastic accessories in not-entirely-matching colors/patterns seemed appropriate! The side ponytail is a ’90s look, too; of course, the real thing would have been much higher and involved a brightly colored scrunchy, but, well, I had to wear this to class!

So, what do you think, BSC fans? Did I pull it off?

Outfit details:

Black lace button-up: Forever 21+ (USA)
Black tank top (underneath): Old Navy (USA)
Blue floral plastic bangle: Forever 21 (USA)
Pink glittery plastic hoop earrings: Local store in Asheville, NC (USA)
Green high-waisted shorts: New Look  (UK)
Silver skinny belt: Target (USA)
Black tights: Kmart (USA)
Silver bow flats: Shoe Dept Encore (USA)

Marvelous Monday bloggers:


We’re still open to adding new participants as well, so get in touch ( if you’re interested!


16 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday: Inspired By A Fictional Character

  1. Never read the Babysitter’s Club, but I can totally see 90s in the chunky, plastic jewellery, side ponytail and high waisted shorts and I love it! That shirt is gorgeous and I think you look fabulous.

    Gosh, just reading what you wrote about super high ponytails with bright scrunchies is giving me flashbacks, that was quite a look wasn’t it! Maybe when I grow my hair longer I’ll buy some crazy scrunchies! Haha.

  2. This is so 90s, I love it! But it’s not costume-y at all. I think you pulled this off nicely. (Even if I only read maybe one book from the series. Oops.)

  3. Super cute! I remember reading the series in grade school and actually probably still have the books somewhere, but cannot remember a single detail of them at all.

  4. Super cute! I skipped over the BSC phase and dove straight into sci-fi as a kid, but my parents own a second-hand book store so I’ve seen just about every cover from the series I think, haha. Really popular in the 90’s! I love that you’ve brought it into the present. I think my favorite part is how the layers sort of peek out from under the lace. Cute!

      • Oh my goshhhh, ANIMORPHS! I read every single one of those things, even the megamorphs and the little separate chronicle thingies, hahaha. Do you remember that really horrible Nickelodeon show they tried to make based on them?

        • Me, too! In fact, I actually re-read them on a semi-regular basis as an adult; unlike most of their contemporaries, they actually stand up a second time around. Those books are super complicated (and sometimes pretty screwed up) considering the target audience is about 11 years old.

          I do remember the show; how awful! I didn’t even see it at the time, but I picked up videotapes of a few episodes at a thrift store in high school and tried to watch them with a friend who was also into the Animorphs. We didn’t even get through them all, it was too painful!

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