“Orange” You Glad Spring Is Coming!?

Excuse the punny title 🙂 I hope you’re all getting through the week okay! It’s Wednesday, so we’re halfway there. And it means less than two weeks until I go on my Spring Break trip to Riga and Vilnius! And hopefully it means a real end to this wintery weather, sooner rather than later.

Anyway, on to today’s outfit.


When I realized that my mint leggings were totally invisible in the first shot, I took another. Excuse the awkward pose….


I absolutely love this dress, but I wasn’t sure how to style the bright orange color at first; I never wear orange! Black as a neutral color seemed Halloween-y, and brown seemed too much like autumn. But I decided that a pop of a springy color would make it appropriate (even if it is snowing again outside, it’s March!), and this is the result. What do you think? Good choice?

Outfit details:

Bright orange skater dress: Koko by Koko, originally via Lovedrobe I think (UK)
Gold hoop earrings: Target (USA)
Mint green leggings: Next (UK)
Brown knee high boots: Lane Bryant (USA)


11 thoughts on ““Orange” You Glad Spring Is Coming!?

  1. I love reading your reactions to the weather, we come from such different climates! While you’re in Germany going “Snow in March, what is this madness??” I’m in France going “It’s March, why isn’t there any snow? And why is it so bloody hot??” (at 15C this weekend, though it’s cooled down considerably over the last few days)
    Also, I love the orange dress, it looks great on you!

    • It is pretty funny! Winter here isn’t much harsher or colder than at home for me, but it’s a lot longer & more consistent. You’re from Calgary, though, if I remember correctly? So I guess France is practically the tropics! 🙂 Kidding, but I’ve got a few friends from Calgary, and when I complain about Ontario weather, they think I’m nuts, and Germany is nicer than that. (My best friend lives in Kingston, I visit whenever I can & thus have made plenty of Canadian friends who laugh at my attitude about their weather.)

      Thank you!

      • You’re not totally off-base with your comment on the tropics! Calgary is sooo dry, so the humidity in Lyon mixed with the heat here during the summer just kills me, everything feels so sticky and gross.

  2. Love that dress and I had never ever matched orange with mint but it looks great. Ok, I would never wear orange but I’m jealous of everyone who can. Orange is my “no go” color … make me look totally sick.

    But you can wear that color … looks fab to your skin and hair. ♥

    • Thanks! This is literally the only bright orange item I own (I have peach and coral shades that might have a bit of orange in them, but nothing else like this), but I kinda like it!

      However, I feel about bright yellow the way you do about orange, so I get it 🙂

  3. Love those so much, I like that you combined the orange and mint to make the outfit more springy! I think black would have been very halloween.

    Cute dress too. 🙂

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