Just Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood


Spring is finally here! I mean, we may have a few more cold snaps I guess, but flowers are starting to come up, the sun is shining, and it’s a beautiful day. As soon as I finish typing this up, I’m going for a walk–and I won’t even have to put on a coat! For once, my pastels are totally appropriate.

I’m pretty excited about my new ASOS skater skirt. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere, and if you’ve managed to hold out this long, I definitely encourage you to buy one. It’s a great staple! It’s also available in emerald and taupe right now.

Also, my fingernails are lilac on one hand and mint on the other. My enthusiasm for spring is showing up all over!

Outfit details:

Pink chiffon pearl necklace: Forever 21 (UK)
Mint green peplum top (tucked in): ASOS Curve
Black belted skater skirt: ASOS Curve
Lilac leggings: Next (UK)
Mint polka dot socks: H&M (Germany)
Brown floral cut-out shoes: Forever 21 (UK)


12 thoughts on “Just Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

  1. After seeing ASOS mentioned a few times on your blog, and then by a few other people on twitter, I finally decided to pop onto their website and I’m glad I did! Their skater skirts look so comfy, but I opted for just a shirt this time. Next time I might have to cave and get the skirt though; I love the one you have in oxblood! I wasn’t sure exactly what size I’d run on that site, but I guess that’s the joy of free returns!

      • You weren’t kidding about their sizing being a bit wacky! I’ve ordered 4 things so far, all in the same size. One fit perfectly, another was a bit too tight, another was huuuuuuge and the other just a bit too big (which was the most disappointing of it all because it was a super cute cardigan that I fell in love with and they don’t sell it in a smaller size). I’m sure I’ll keep trying though, some things are too tempting to pass up and the free shipping and returns makes it way too easy. (Oh and the thing that fit perfectly was the skater skirt. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I’m already in love. Your posts are 100% the reason I bought it, so I just wanted to say thanks for that)

        • I’m sorry your order didn’t work out perfectly, it’s definitely hit-or-miss, but the hits, well, as you see, they can definitely be big hits! Also, tip, the regular line runs big, too, so you may be able to squeeze into some straight sizes there. I have one skirt in a UK18 that fits nicely. Free shipping means trial and error isn’t too bad!

    • Thanks! You should definitely order one, they are pretty fab. The jersey version is nice, too, if you want a more budget-friendly skater skirt. (And size tip, don’t size down with the belted skater skirt! I know lots of stuff from ASOS runs big, but this is a bit more true to size than usual.)

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