Skating On Thin Ice

P1140873 P1140866

Okay, so I’m super glad that skater skirts are a thing these days, but it seems like trying to find good ones in plus sizes is needlessly difficult/expensive! As with pretty much every item of clothing I have ever lusted after, but this seems pretty basic and like it should be easier. I want skater skirts in cute spring colors, too! This is ASOS Curve’s cheap version (cheap for ASOS, anyway. The expensive one is something I’m sure you’ve seen around, it’s a tailored skirt made of better fabric, and it has a belt), and it’s pretty nice (though I should have gone down another size, this is almost too big). It’s made of a stretchy jersey with a decent weight to it, and there’s also a black version I might have to pick up too. And I really hope they come out with some nice springy pastels, coral or mint or lilac or something.

That’s where my silly title comes from, anyway: Spring is coming! The ice is thawing! At last. Sort of. It snowed yesterday here. But, you know, I like to keep hoping, and at some point, I have to be right!

Outfit details:

Gold stud earrings: Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Lace sleeve bodysuit: Forever 21+ via Facebook sales group (USA)
Oxblood jersey skater skirt: ASOS Curve
Black faux leather jacket: Xhilaration via Target (USA)
Houndstooth scarf: Random shop in Berlin, Germany
Black leggings: Kmart (USA)
Booties: Kmart (USA)


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