Back In Action!

I’ve been sidelined with the flu for the last couple of weeks, and haven’t really been dressing up much…or getting dressed at all, some days. So that’s the reason for two weeks of silence, and completely failing at participating in fatshion february, but now I’m back!


Sorry for the slightly grainy/out of focus photo; natural light is not really cooperating with me today, as it’s dreary and overcast and dark outside.

My semester at school has just gotten going (we have a weird schedule and don’t start until the first week of February), and it’s going to be a busy one. Crazy busy really. But I might be going to Riga, Latvia for spring break next month, so that’s pretty exciting! That’ll be two new-to-me countries visited in just the first three months of 2013 (the first being Iceland), so I’d say I’m off to a pretty good start in that regard. I’m also hoping that as the weather improves this spring, I’ll be up for some more local traveling, exploring Northern Germany and spending time in Hamburg, Hannover, Bremerhaven, and the other nearby cities that I’m able to travel to for free with my student pass.

Outfit details:

Light brown cardigan: Mossimo via Target (USA)
Brown flower stud earrings: Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Pink peplum top: ASOS Curve
Coated skinnies: H&M (Germany)
Taupe lace up booties: Kmart (USA)


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