Beige, Brown, & Burgundy


I hope all who celebrate it had a good Christmas yesterday! My actual Christmas outfit was photographed by my mother, who then left her camera at my grandparents’ house, so you’ll see that later. For now, you get this.

I have to say, ever since I picked it up on sale early this fall, this dress has become a staple in my wardrobe! I love the cut of it, and it’s so comfy, and the gorgeous texture but simple color make it interesting without being too much of an overt statement. Here I’m wearing it with burgundy and brown, and I think the muted color palette makes for a perfect winter outfit.

Outfit details:
Beige floral jacquard dress: Dorothy Perkins
Burgundy corduroy blazer: St. John’s Bay / Thrifted
Dark brown braided belt: Deb
Burgundy tights: C&A
Dark brown flats: Payless (I think?)


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