*GASP* Pantsless!


I’m finally home! After 24 hours of waiting in lines and sitting on airplanes, I get to sleep in my own bed for the first time since August, and it’s amazing. I wish I could stay longer than a couple weeks, but, oh well, that’s life I guess.

It’s nice to be back in America! I got really excited when the default language became something I understood properly, in the Philadelphia airport. I’m glad to be with my friends and family and pets, and just to be home again. To browse in bookstores, to eat my favorite foods, to drive, to shop, to do all the basic everyday things that I either don’t do in Germany or that are different in Germany.

So I wouldn’t wear this for anything important, but I’m just mostly hanging around the house in this outfit on my first day back at home, with a short visit from a friend, and it’s nice and comfy for that, but still cute. I know, I know, leggings aren’t pants, but whatever, these are a cute lilac color and I like them! Plus you can’t see here, but the sheer top is longer in back.

This was obviously photographed in the same place as usual, my bedroom in Bremen, and you’ll see a couple more from there while I’m gone as well–I took a few photos the night before I left with the clothes I packed and planned to wear at home. I’ll definitely try to get more outfit photos taken in the next few weeks, of course, but I figured, I’ll be busy, so having a handful of posts on-hand can’t hurt.

Outfit details:

Sheer navy blue cold shoulder top: Xhilaration via Target
Black camisole (underneath): Old Navy
Lilac leggings: Next via eBay
Lilac skinny belt: ASOS Curve
Black boots: Route 66 via Kmart


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