Today, I’m a Failure.


Today, I may look reasonably cute (I actually really like the color of this wrap dress, and this is a perfect comfy outfit for final exam season), but I’m also a failure, specifically, I’m 99% sure I failed my final exam for intro to economics. I just don’t get economics. Unfortunately, this class is required for my major and I’ll have to retake it if I did in fact fail (and there’s pretty much no way I didn’t), so it’s not really over, I just get a break until next fall when I have to try again.

But anyway, back to the failure. It’s the first time I’ve actually failed anything in my academic career that I’ve actually tried (meaning, I’ve quit things before, but not actually seen them through to the end and failed), and I’m surprisingly okay with it, especially considering what a perfectionist I was about my grades a few years back (straight A’s through high school, and I freaked if there was ever the chance of breaking that streak). There’s a first time for everything, and while I’m not exactly happy about failing, of course, but I guess it had to happen sometime.

Outfit details:

Mint green jersey wrap dress: Old Navy via Fatshionxchange
Teal lace-edged camisole: Worthington via JCPenney
Black leggings: Faded Glory via Wal-Mart
Black boots: Route 66 via Kmart


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