It’s Electric!


Sorry this picture is a little grainy/out of focus, I forgot to do this while it was still light outside and didn’t want to use the flash. Anyway, I picked my title based on the electric blue belt, but it reminds me of high school gym class, where a crazy man tortured us aka made us run laps and learn the electric slide, among other things. The weirdest was ballroom dancing because we were a class of all girls and we had to switch who was the guy and it was very confusing and did not help my already very low aptitude for ballroom dancing.

But actually, on the subject of gym class, does anyone else feel like the torture of being made to undress in front of classmates at such a tender age and then run circles around a field did not exactly help their proclivity for physical activity? I think without that nonsense, I might have actually learned to enjoy exercise, but now it just brings back middle & high school traumas. I do not think that public humiliation is the way to make children enjoy staying fit.

Anyway, outfit details:
Coral peplum top: ASOS Curve
Electric blue braided belt: Target
Periwinkle skinny jeans: ASOS Curve via eBay
Black boots: Route 66 via Kmart
Blue and white polka dot bangle bracelet: Forever 21


2 thoughts on “It’s Electric!

  1. I think you may be onto something there – perhaps why exercise is so frightening for many of us, and the reason why joining a gym can be so terrifying, is because of the fat shaming and humiliation so many fat teenagers endure during PE at school. From the get-go, physical activity has a negative association. Interesting thought!

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