Lace & Bodycon & Oscar Wilde


I had trouble styling the white lace blazer, so I haven’t really worn it much, only once before and I wasn’t too happy with how that turned out. But, I think pushing the sleeves up was kind of key to making it a little more casual (so says the always-overdressed girl…but, to quote Oscar Wilde, you can never me over-dressed or over-educated!), and I really like this outfit! Visible belly outline and all 🙂 I mean, as much as I believe ideally in this whole “fuck flattering” idea, the idea that anyone can wear whatever they like and trying to hide body parts isn’t going to convince anyone that I’m suddenly not fat, it’s hard to actually apply that sometimes, right? But it feels good, I think.

Outfit details:

White lace blazer: Forever 21+ via Fatshionxchange
Black v-neck t-shirt: Old Navy
Red bodycon mini skirt: Forever 21+
Black tights: Worthington via JCPenney
Black boots: Route 66 via Kmart
Black hoop earrings: Target


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