All You Need Is Love….


I absolutely love this heart-print dress, and I wear it all the time! Pretty much always like this, basic black accessories, as the dress is of course the focal point of the outfit.

I’m still in the midst of this end of the semester madness, worrying about exams and final projects and the like. Two weeks until it’s over and I get to go home! I also just bought the ticket for the final leg of my bus journey in January…For going from Charlotte to DC to Toronto to Kingston and then back to Toronto to catch my flight back to Europe, the total cost will be less than five dollars! Love megabus so much. And I’m so looking forward to the break; I’m really frustrated with the way some things are going here, with the way this university is making it impossibly difficult to control my own life (i.e. at least being off the meal plan; I’ve given up getting permission to live off-campus). It’s ridiculous, and makes me feel out of control in more ways than that.

Anyway, to sum it up, this place drives me crazy and takes away my agency in my own life which is not acceptable but I have to suck it up for at least another year. Also I finished re-reading Harry Potter today which is both depressing because it’s over and because all my favorite characters are dead in the end. But my post title now has double meaning, because, well, love is what defeated Voldemort! And it’s a Beatles song! So yay.

Outfit details:

Heart print dress: Forever 21+
Black belt: Forever 21+
Black tights: Worthington/via JCPenney
Black boots: Route 66/via Kmart


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