Lace in Black & White and Terrible Things On Television


Today, I was hanging out with a friend, and we were eating Chinese take-out and decided to put on some television. She asked if I’d ever seen “Suburgatory,” and when I said I hadn’t, insisted it was really funny and put on the first episode (I think it was the first, anyway). In this show, a teenage girl who at first seems pretty tough and like she won’t be taking anyone’s shit, moves to the suburbs from Manhattan. She hates it and is really unpopular, doesn’t fit in at all. First minor issue I had was that when some of her new classmates made fun of her and said she was a lesbian, there was no point made ever that, you know, it would have been okay if she actually WAS a lesbian. But, moving on. The real issue was when she was in a basement with some of the other teenagers, and they were playing truth or dare. One girl dared a guy to “kiss a lesbian,” meaning the main character. She kept saying no, she wasn’t a part of the game, no, she didn’t want to, and the guy moved closer and closer to her and said that a dare was an obligation, he had to do it. And then, despite her protests, he kissed her. I still had some hope for the show and for this girl being a badass; I said out loud to my friend, “I hope she punches him in the face. That is sexual assault! Dude, it’s called consent! Kick him in the balls!” But…no. Instead, the storyline continued to say that it was okay because she enjoyed the kiss, in fact, they went on to make out several more times, and then she ditched him because he was bad for her “like a bag of chips” and she had willpower….WHAT THE FUCK, is my general reaction. It’s like, rape culture is okay and also food has moral value! Which is NOT what I want to see from my media, thanks. Super fucked up with no one in the show seeming to have any idea that it’s fucked up. I mean, this is the heroine of the show! And to boot, it wasn’t even that clever or funny. Definitely NOT going onto my list of shows to watch….

Anyway, rant over. Outfit details:
Cropped black jacket: Torrid/via Fatshionxchange
Cream lace dress: Forever 21+/via Fatshionxchange
Belt: Came with another F21+ dress
Earrings: Forever 21
Black tights: Worthington/via JCPenney
Black mid-calf boots: Route 66/via Kmart


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